Making Chocolate Cake out of Lemons
(How an accident turned into a profitable business)

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I have been locked up at home for almost 6 months recovering from such a tremendous back injury. This situation has been such a radical change in my life that at first I thought it was a curse … But this time gave me the opportunity to think and analyze the importance of physical health and also of realization as a person and professional.

You can imagine that being disabled for so long came to strongly affect my family’s economy … so the need led me to start a dream that I have had for more than 6 years. Many nights my husband and I talked and tried to solve how we were going to get ahead until one day I woke up and remembered some wise words:

“The easiest and fastest way to make money is to provide a service, something that is only the investment of your wisdom and time. “

It was then that I decided to do something productive; After all, my brain and my hands still work. 😁

While in bed I occupied my mind in Ted Talks, hours and hours of online courses until I realized that the accident has been a blessing!

I took action and started working on the development of my idea, the image I wanted to reflect, I spent hours creating my page and took the last savings ($ 67) and invested in a logo, a domain and business cards.

Today after almost 4 months of starting Marvin and I have a company that has not only helped us pay our bills and get ahead. We have been able to employ 15 people, and we are finishing a negotiation abroad that will provide 55 more jobs.

My dream is to share all my experiences and failures with entrepreneurs and thus help them start with more resources and tools saving them time and many BUT MANY stumbles, expenses and headaches.

Yesterday for the first time I gave a session to help people who are in a similar situation, who want to get ahead, who have a vision and a dream to realize and do not know how HAPPY and GRATEFUL I feel with life of having been able to impact them and inspire.

Marvin Cook, Gela Visuet and Rocio Salas thank you for supporting me, taking care of me and helping me create my business, which will help realize the dreams of many more!

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