Discovering my Purpose

I was born and raised in Mexico City where 35 years ago there was only ONE skating rink in the country and it happened to be right next to our home. Our mom raised my sister and I by herself after battling an abusive and alcoholic husband who abandoned us when we were 7 & […]

Why is your logo important?

I keep seeing so many messages looking for logo designs and at the same time so many people offering images for VERY LITTLE MONEY. Although it looks like a no brainer and a simple request, I would encourage you to find your brand identity and purpose rather than just creating a simple image with your […]


When I first decided our business name, I thought of the importance of my mission, our target audience and what I’d like to achieve through my purpose. If you analyze BRANDS WITH A PURPOSE it says more than just design or help for new businesses. It reflects companies who are impacting the world through a […]


Creating your business identity is the most important step in order to connect with your target market. Branding is a crucial tool in marketing that helps you establish who you are and how your customers relate to your company. The look and feel of your business image plus your customer service experience… both will attract […]